MoveYourWorld is a heavenly place to meet, connect, teach, discuss, learn, share, listen, love or just ‘be’.

Let’s meet in Greece

MoveYourWorld has a wide range of authentic Greek experiences for you to offer. Explore the possibilities and let us create your tailormade programme.

In just a 2,5 hour flight from Amsterdam you will arrive at Preveza Airport Greece (near Lefkas) to meet in the breath-taking divine surroundings of Paleros at the Ionian sea.

We would like to let higher conscious people share in our experiences with authentic Greece: being satisfied with what you have (and it doesn’t have to be so much), learning what it is like to live in simplicity (without falling short of luxury, on the contrary) and still contribute a bit to the well-being of the environment where you stay. We prefer to tailormake each experience trip, in close consulation with the guest. From 2 to 12 people suits us fine.

My name is Han, your host at MoveYourWorld.

A few years ago I changed my way of living. I was the owner of a company, experiencing a lot of stress, always working, with almost no time for myself and feeling tired most of the time. For me, it was a signal to work on my 2.0 version. In Greece I met friends from all over the World and they taught me to live my life without fear. To be in trust. With no expectations. When I experienced this feeling, I started a totally new life. I sold my company and choose to live an honest, more back to basic life. Back to my own basics. With more time for my real self, my partner, my friends and the World around me.

I sailed in the Ionian sea for many years. Stepping back in time, always feeling the atmosphere of reflection by meeting beautifull local people in stunning nature. We couldn’t stop dreaming and bought an old mountain hut to rebuilt into a place of reflection. A perfect base to MoveYourWorld! Working together with local companies is what I like. Not to change their proud way of authentic living and entrepreneurship but to learn from them. And they like to learn from you! What do you think? Let’s meet in Greece!

Enjoy life, you never know when it ends!

Let’s meet in Greece

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