What a beautiful journey we made together. Sandra

We talked about the opportunities and challenges, dreams and much more. Everything neatly arranged by Han & Kees. Thank you for your hospitality in your Ionian paradise. Keep living your dream!

Han and Kees are caring hosts and welcome you to “their” Lefkas. – Pascal

They will take care of everything; from the moment they pick you up at the airport until the moment you leave the island. They know the best adresses, whether it’s excursion trips, arranging a boat or advise on a delicious atmospheric restaurant, you can always turn to them. I would highly recommend Han and Kees if you are looking for a wonderful time in the breath-taking surrounding of Paleros at the Ionian Sea.

Thank you for the inspiring holiday and all the commitment you showed to provide us with everything we wished for! Hanny

We really enjoyed the luxury you offered us. You showed us such beautiful places, which we really enjoyed. Also because of the photowalk with Evgenia, I was able to take very good pictures. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who also loves Greece or want to get to know Greece. I was very pleased by the fact that everything was tailormade concerning our wishes and therefore offered something for everyone. Thanks again for everything, it was absolutely worth it.

A week with MoveYourWorld is an experience to never be forgotten. After this trip, your world will not be the same. You got the closest to yourself you’ve ever been and will step into a new life, where you will be fully in charge. – Pascal Renee

A week with MoveYourWorld is a week where you will go back to basics and discover how beautiful life can be. You learn about the authentic Greek lifestyle and experience how wonderful it is when people are there for each other and you can just be yourself. You visit places, where you would have never gotten yourself and discovers how breathtaking the Ionian coast is. You meet people who will change the way you look at life and you will feel carried by the loved guidance of Han and Kees. This is Greece like you’ve never experienced before!

Thanks to those two men of MoveYourWorld, we really came to our senses in Greece. – Mirjam & Marco

Han and Kees make a great team together, that goes out of their way to create the perfect stay for you. We had some good converstations about your inner life and they showed us the simplicity of life and what that means to people. Combined with the surrounding nature and relaxing facilities, made it an incredible week for us.

We had such a good time in this beautiful region of Greece! A week that felt like three weeks. From day one it put me in the slower pace of life and brought me home recharged and full of inspiration. – Marije

Han and Kees were great company they let us take our own pace and shared their love for the Greek natures, the people and everything connected to the culinary aspect. The beautiful in depth conversations we had, were a true cherry on top for us. If you love an authenic experience, personal connections and discoveries of the beaten track? MoveYourWorld is where you have to be!

Without MoveYourWorld, I would have never met these locals and never experienced the true authentic side of Greece. Wilco

During easter I had to enjoy the hospitality of the hosts of MoveYourWorld. I was very intrigued by the many meetings with the Greek locals and visiting the authentic Greek sites. In the Paleros region I visited the traditional goat farm high in the mountains, for example. I also visited a local pub called the “Swallow , named after the swallows that flew in and out, which was a great experience. The strolls we took were very pleasant and surprising, of which one that took us to an abandoned church located at the beach. I would definitely come back to experience even more of the authentic Greece.

If you are willing to let go of your phone and laptop, this is the absolute dream destination!Marianne

I have never experienced such and authentic, and pure destination to completely relax and to just ‘be’. if it’s sun, sea, beach, nature, wines, food, peace, strolling or swimming you love, it is al accisible and within reach. Han and Kees, the owners of MYW, are very concerned about their level of service. You really sense this in everything they doe. They deliver outstanding tailormade programmes and really go out of their way to comfort you and let you just enjoy. With their organizational talent, empathy and sense of atmosphere and details, they take you into the authentic Greece of Pogonia and its surroundings. You even get the chance to meet local entrepreneurs. There is also plenty to enjoy in the culinary field with a very diverse range of restaurants in the area. After a few days I experienced a pleasant peace of mind and I found out that I really only used my phone to take pictures of the beautiful surroundings. The latter out of the need to capture all that beauty and never lose it again.. I can seriously recommend it to everyone!

MoveYourWorld is an inspiring destination Lindy

Han, is a very caring host, whose enthousiasm about the Paleros region is going beyond expectations. The local communitiy living in the surroundings of the Paleros Bay, are very welcoming and share their inspiring stories with pride.