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Rewrite your story

Most people carry their p st as a burden, thinking it has marked who they are. But you are not your past. You are not healing to be able to handle trauma, pain anxiety or depression. You’re used to those. You are healing to be able to handle more joy to accept happiness back into your life. So instead of carrying your past as a curse, use your past as the building blocks for your desired future. If you don’t like the story of your life till now, rewrite it. Change your story change your life!

Life is not what you see, it is what you have projected from your thoughts. It’s not what you’ve been told, it’s what you have decided to tell yourself. It’s not what you have experienced in the past, it’s how you remember the past. It’s not what you’ve forged, it’s what you are allowing in your life.

Bring back the magic into your life. This 7 day retreat will help you experience life at a totally different level. During this intens deep dive into yourself you will learn to use your past experiences as solid building blocks for your desired future. You will reconnect with your true self. You will learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and rewrite the story of your life into the life you most desire. Anything is possible when you start to make conscious choices. Get ready for a transformational, life changing journey.

Discover tested and scientifically proven techniques to create fast en lasting results:

Breathwork to find peace and quiet in the present moment and connect with your true self
Heart-Brain Coherence to rediscover who you really are: a marvelous being with infinite possibilities
Sedona Trauma Release exercises to let go all trauma and limiting beliefs.
Reconnecting with your Inner Child to relight your inner sparkle
Energy Center Activation to get energized and build self-confidence
High Potential Activation to master the law of attraction
Quantum Timeline Consciousness to discover that your dreams have already happened
Liffe/Business without Limits Activation to write your new story
Body De-armering to help your body keep up with your body and soul

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